A Hidden Gem

A Hidden Gem
April 4, 2018 Paomart
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There was a time before the proliferation of people short of livestreaming everything they eat, do and everywhere they go, when you had to rely on your own wits or perhaps some recommendations from friends and family to know the best places to visit when you travel.

Sometimes by chance, you discover something by yourself, when, upon taking a wrong turn, you stumble across a local market in Morocco selling the most beautiful silk scarves with non-tourist prices or when you pop in to eat at a random hole in the wall cha chaan teng while waiting for the rain to stop and get to enjoy one of the best char siew and roast pork plates in Hong Kong.

You get this thrill when you discover something by yourself. It becomes your little secret, and you, and only you are the source. Your friends come back from their own trips and rave about your secrets. They are amazed and you feel that rush again.

You didn’t preplan every restaurant and every place you had to visit for the ‘gram back then and those accidental discoveries became your little secrets – your hidden gems. They were juicy tidbits you absolutely had to TELL your friends about when you got back.

This is exactly what we want Paomart to be. Pao or bao has a double meaning in Chinese/Vietnamese. A lot of people misconstrue the pao or bao to mean 包 or bun. Change the tone and it becomes bǎo 寶 meaning treasure. We want Paomart to be a specialty food shop where you discover hidden gems, new products you won’t normally see elsewhere – a place where you can feel that excitement of finding something lesser known but amazing.

We started with fish sauce – Nhat Vi which is the local fish sauce of Binh Dinh, a central Vietnamese province. We then introduced Uy Tin, a little known Vietnamese coffee brand, from Daklak. From Indonesia, we have 100% natural nasi liwet or aromatic rice with squid, fish or small shrimps.  We are always on a journey to handselect new discoveries.

We take care in sourcing our goods to give you good quality products with the best value. Our shops aren’t the fanciest, but we have to be careful with expenses in order to pass the savings on to people who support us.

Visit us and find something worth sharing.

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